Micah has become mildly obsessed with culturing our dairy products as of late. It started when we acquired an ice cream maker back in August. We didn’t want to have to keep half and half or heavy cream on hand all the time, so we started looking at alternatives. It turns out, you can make a killer frozen yogurt with minimal effort. And you can also make killer yogurt with minimal effort. And buttermilk is even easier: just fill a jar 1/4 the way full with buttermilk, then the rest of the way with milk and let it sit out for a day. Voila. Buttermilk. And it makes some darn good ice cream, too.

Some homemade flavors we’ve tried:
vanilla fro yo (obviously)
blueberry fro-yo
blueberry buttermilk
strawberry buttermilk
lemon buttermilk
chocolate buttermilk (it had a delightful cheesecake-ish taste to it)
honey-cinnamon-cloves fro-yo

Yum. I feel like our ice cream world has just been enlarged immeasurably.

7 thoughts on “Cultured

  1. maybe i'm just being trendy but i have become mildly obsessed with all the fro-yo places opening up all over the island as of late. yogurt mama in kailua, orange tree in kaneohe, menchies in town. and now to know that i could make MY OWN! this might be trouble.

  2. I've been totally craving the Brie you made with pie crust and jam… Your food posts always make my mouth water! That all sounds awfully good!

  3. would you have your baby, already? :) I'm just getting so anxious for you! Every day I hope to hear some news…

  4. Yeah, me too Jodie, me too. I tell you, I've been putting forth the effort to go into labor, but nothing is working. I guess he's not done baking yet.

  5. I have always wanted to know how to make my own yogurt because I hate how high fructose corn syrup is in most yogurts these days. So, do you just use any plain yogurt as your starter, or does it have to be something specific?

  6. We just used plain, whole milk yogurt from Trader Joe's. I think it was organic, but only because that was our only option. :) I don't think it has to be something specific, and the article even says that things like Dannon, even with sweeteners, make better starters than specialty yogurt.

  7. One day… I am feeling a little overwhelmed with where I am compared with where I want to be in the cooking/baking/making delicious foods area of my life. I'm excited to look into these, and have to tell you, your food posts make my mouth water too! Thanks for sharing!

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