Craft Weekend, Recapped

Craft Weekend, Recapped

Here’s a recap of what all we finished this weekend:

Curtain for the bathroom. Thanks to the new sewing machine, the IKEA fabric that was on sale for a buck a yard, and the IKEA curtains we already owned, which provided the pattern, we no longer have any rolling shades hanging in our apartment. And that feels good.

New backs for the gray bookcases. We took off the backs when we moved into this apartment because they just looked really cheap. We meant to re-paper them, but wallpaper is expensive, so it was never going to get done. But, thanks again to IKEA for cheap fabric and Mom Heiselt for lending us another set of hands, we came up with this solution. The bookcases are sturdier, the backs look better, and stripes are fun.

Simon’s toddler bed. We used this tutorial as a guide, although we made our own adjustments as well.

We wouldn’t be worth our salt as New Yorkers if we didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to create more storage space . . . .

All done. It really does look nice.

Simon gives it his seal of approval. Just look at how rested and relaxed he looks “sleeping” on his new big boy bed.

The bookcase from the side of the road. It was dismantled, sanded, refinished, coated with polyurethane, given a new back, and has now been pressed into service, at least temporarily, as our “entertainment center” and shoe rack. It looks so good.

And that is that.

10 thoughts on “Craft Weekend, Recapped

  1. Wow, you guys have been busy!!! Someday when we need new decorations, I'll have to ask for advice. Those all look so impressive, I bet it feels good to come home. :0)

  2. The side table on the last picture is still my favorite. I think Micah made that, right? It looks like a George Nelson piece at DWR.

  3. I really love the blue walls and red striped curtains together, it looks really nice.
    I also really love the fact that you made the toddler bed, how cool!

  4. oh yes and I really feel like I need to know why there is a pig with a frowny face, and a loser sign hanging from his neck. I am sure there is a good story behind it! :)

  5. That is a lot of crafts! and they look great. Dan and I got really ambitious once and were going to refinish a chair, but gave up after it was half way sanded. I guess we don't have the craft knack.

  6. Fun stuff! At least, I'm sure it was fun for people like you who like to do that kind of thing. Simon's bed was definitely my favorite! I love his "sleeping" pose.

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