No such luck

No such luck

Well, we tried our darnedest to get me to go into labor yesterday. It was the “Miles4Midwives” 5K in Prospect Park, and after much hemming and hawing we both entered the race 15 minutes before it started. We decided if my water were to break mid-race, I probably couldn’t be in a better place. Micah was 100% supportive of my “bring on the labor” plan, so he ran the race as fast as he could, coming in at about 20:30, finishing possibly in the top 5, while I moseyed along with our heavily-laden jogging stroller, crossing the line at 30:45. Even though my pace was just a little under 10-minute miles I felt okay about it 1. because I did have to walk for a little bit after the first mile and 2. because I think I came in first in the “barefoot and pregnant” category.

But, as you may have guessed, the plan was unsuccessful. We made it home for General Conference where “Craft Weekend” got off to a rockin’ start (more on that later), then went to the best 4-year-old birthday party I’ve been to in years. And then we came home and collapsed into bed without anything more than the normal Braxton-Hicks contractions. Probably for the best. We were too tired for me to go into labor last night.

Side notes: I wish I would have remembered to take a picture with Micah’s phone after the race, but I didn’t, so the event is, sadly, undocumented in a visual medium. Sigh. (Although there was a race photographer, so if they send us some shots in our e-mail, maybe I’ll be able to post something later.) Also, I’m not actually due until the 18th and I’m really not too anxious to have the baby right away. This pregnancy has been really good and really fast . . . I can’t believe that we are nearing the end. Still, it would be lovely to be able to sleep on my stomach again.

10 thoughts on “No such luck

  1. i cant believe you did this!!! you are my new hero for sure you crazy, active pregnant lady! but i do remember the feelings of ill-do-anything-to-be-done-being-pregnant all to well. :)

  2. You are amazing and a little crazy. I cna't run a 10 minute mile and I am definately not pregnant. I am in awe – completely humiliated – but in awe. Can you email me your address so we can send along a baby gift.

  3. hahaha!!! of course you did this! I am a firm believer, by now, that you an do anything. Your like a pregnant super hero! :)

    The 18th is pretty darn soon! It's about two weeks away, and wasn't Simon two weeks early or so? I only remember that because I was jealous, I went all the way to my due date with Kaiya.

  4. So fun! I totally wish I could run while pregnant! So true… if you'd gone into labor you would have had plenty of help! LOL you are so great.

  5. That is so amazing, good job! I probably couldn't even run a mile right now, sad to say. That's very impressive, I'm gad you had so much fun!

  6. sorry that 5k wasn't more effective. but i think you're right, you could probably use a little more time before babyjuice comes along. and hey, where are some pics of YOU and your belly? just curious… =)

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