Last Call for September Showdown

Last Call for September Showdown

We’ve had some trouble being able to post for the past couple of weeks, so if any of you thought that maybe Roscoe decided to grace us with his presence much earlier than expected and that is why you haven’t heard from us, you were wrong. It was simply a technical glitch with Mr. Gore’s Internet. Or something like that. Anyway, September ended yesterday but if you haven’t gotten your brackets for September Showdown in just yet, we’re giving you until Sunday because we didn’t have a chance to remind you.

So, please, if you haven’t sent them in yet, we’d love to see them. And we are thrilled with the results so far. Thanks to those who are supportive of our strangeness. We appreciate it.

3 thoughts on “Last Call for September Showdown

  1. Oh man – I totally meant to do that… I'll try to get to it before Sunday if I can. You guys are so funny!

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