Trains, Pigs, Water, Our Amazing Child

Trains, Pigs, Water, Our Amazing Child

Trains, trains, trains. We took 6 trains on Labor Day — 3 on the way to New Jersey and 3 on the way back. Simon was in heaven. We went out to the town where one of my professor’s lives to go swimming in their town water hole and enjoy a pig roast. With a real pig. I thought Tim was referring to pork chops when he told me there would be pig, but no. It had teeth and everything. I apologize I didn’t get a better picture. It tasted much better than it looks. The water was really cold, the food was really good, and the company was excellent, despite the fact that we only knew Tim when we got there. Simon didn’t seem to mind the coldness of the water after he got in it a little bit, but Micah and I were just as happy to sit on the beach. We all certainly enjoyed the tables full of food. Thanks, Tim, for inviting us. It was nice to get out and have a relaxing holiday with other people.
Before we left our place Simon couldn’t stop talking about going swimming. “Swimming like Chewy,” he kept saying. (Chewy is the dog of a friend of ours who goes swimming in Prospect Park every Saturday while we play Ultimate.) But once we got on the train it was, “What stop? What stop? What stop?” He is intensely interested in where we are at any given moment. It gets a little bit old to tell him what station we are at five times in 20 seconds, but it has it’s perks sometimes. For instance, on the way home from Penn Station, Simon kept asking which station we were at, but since we ride that particular train line frequently, he knows all the stops. And he wasn’t shy about announcing to us once he remembered. We were lucky enough to be sitting next to a guy who was even more amused and amazed than we were. Every time Simon remembered which station was next, he got a kick out of it. He said Simon is by far the youngest kid he’s seen who has been able to do that. We were just excited that somebody else was as awed by our child as we are.

4 thoughts on “Trains, Pigs, Water, Our Amazing Child

  1. I'm glad you had such a good Labor Day! I can't believe he had a real pig – I think something similar to that is what made my sister a vegetarian. I bet it tasted good, though!

    Simon continues to impress us! He's one smart kid! :0)

  2. Sounds like a fun day! They have an annual pig roast in our community, too! I was all for it but Conan wasn't thrilled about the idea. Obviously.

    I love hearing about your Smartypants!

  3. Yeah, so, Jordan and I are semi-jealous. Simon really is a brilliant kid! You both have taught him so well and he is obviously doing so well!

  4. What a genius kid. Can't wait to see you guys in November and find out how much smarter he is! Your Labor day sounded awesome! We spent the day painting… and made it a real "labor" day. Ü

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