The shoes so far.

The shoes so far.

We both really like the FiveFingers. I’ve put 20ish miles on mine and Micah has put a lot more on his because they are so motivating that he has taken to running to work (6ish miles) in them twice a week. He never used to run without me, but he can’t get enough of the shoes. They definitely change things. Micah’s calves have been getting quite the workout from them. I, on the other hand, really love running in the shoes, but they have caused me some pain in my feet. I seem to be adjusting to them and I don’t anticipate it lasting much longer, but we’ll see. I did go back to my other running shoes for our run last Saturday, but it was a hard thing. The running shoes just felt like too much and I was glad to put the FiveFingers on for our run on Wednesday. Anyway, I think that the problems I’ve had were because we went out too quickly on them. We’d been warned to build up our usage slowly, but we basically just switched shoes and ran our normal route. So maybe we were a little crazy, but I tell you, we really like those shoes. And it’s really fun to watch people try to discreetly check out our shoes as we run by. I wouldn’t be surprised if my feet get more looks than my belly these days.

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  1. I spoke with my friend here in Hershey who has those, and she was saying how much she loves them, too. She said they're not good on gravel, but she's worn them hiking several times and said they were awesome!

  2. How long are your runs, these days? That's just awesome you can still run pregnant.

    Conan is totally stoked about us each getting a pair. I'm still not sold. I HATE things between my toes. Big time.

  3. My run to work is about 6 or 7 miles depending on the route I take. Lizzie is getting about 5 miles when she runs in part way with me.

    As far as the between the toes problem goes, I have been surprised with how much this is not a problem. The area I really notice is between my little and 4th toes.

    Over all, I would like to confirm what Lizzie has written. I really really like these shoes. My legs have been getting a lot stronger and I have been having fewer leg problems since wearing them. You should all get a pair.

  4. I'm sold. Come Christmas I'm hoping for a pair! As for you running pregnant Lizzie- I'd love to see it! As far along as you are and with those shoes on, I'm sure it's quite a sight!

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