September Showdown

September Showdown

It’s that time of pregnancy again. The leaves are changing, the weather’s turning, college sports are underway, and the belly is almost as big as it is going to get (right? right? humor the pregnant lady, please). That’s right, it’s the time when we allow you to submit your picks for the future name of this future child. You get to feel like you’re involved in the naming process, we get to test out some of our favorite names against some not-so-favorite competitors. Everybody wins! It’s fun, so please indulge us. I promise this will be the last name-related post until the little bugger is born and we actually decide on a name. Well, except maybe announcing the winner(s). And I’m sure you are all wondering what the prize is. Hmmm . . . how about we name our 10th child after you? Courtesy of the recession? Or maybe we’ll come up with something more persuasive. Maybe I’ll make some tasty tasty tastiness and send it to you in the mail. That could be fun, too. But without further delay,

Fill them out and send them back to us (heiselt or heiseltea (at) gmail (dot) com) by the end of the month. And we’ll hope Little Roscoe does not make his grand appearance before then.

8 thoughts on “September Showdown

  1. You guys picked some way awesome names! Cameron has a couple of days off, so we'll try to get it filled out. :0)

  2. Congrats on the upcoming baby boy! We are very happy for you guys, hope Lizzie is feeling well. When we were expecting with Eli all we could think of were girl's names. We didn't know what to name him until we saw him, I will try to summit the names if I think of any cool boy's names.

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