$1,000 Could be Yours

$1,000 Could be Yours


At work we are trying to get people to make videos that showcase our products. In order to do so we are having a video contest and the winner gets a $1,000 gift certificate to UncommonGoods. Sure it isn’t cash, but think of all of the Christmas presents you could get. You would be the most popular daughter/son/mother/father/brother/sister/etc. ever. We have no idea what type of response this will generate. It could be hundreds or it could be three. I highly recommend putting something together. I know many of you are very talented and could come up with some great ideas. It could well be worth it. Wink wink, nudge nudge.As part of this campaign we put together a couple of example videos. One is of my co-worker’s dog and the other is of Simon. Currently, the dog video is getting viewed a ton more (thanks to facebook, grrrrr) which puts me at the losing end of a “friendly” competition. This is where you come in. Please go here and watch this video over and over again. We must prove to the world (and to my co-worker) that Simon is way better than a mangy old dog.

Happy Videoing.

4 thoughts on “$1,000 Could be Yours

  1. What a cute video! I'll make sure Cameron, Samuel and I each watch it multiple times. ;0) Good luck with the contest!

  2. You'll have to let us know the results of the contest. Abby put Simon's video up on my Facebook for me- so hopefully that helps. I know lots of people have been watching- over and over and over again. Ü Myself included! It's adorable!

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