We're totally hippie runners.

We're totally hippie runners.

Some of my brother’s put us onto Vibram FiveFingers. They are meant to give your feet the feeling of being barefoot without the danger of getting cut. As soon as Micah saw them it was clear he would not rest until he got his feet into a pair. We bought some on sale last night and took them running for a few miles this morning. I’ve been warned that I’ll be feeling it bad tomorrow, but I’m sure the pain will be worth it. They are supposed to strengthen your feet and teach your body to run more efficiently and I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to cut 15 minutes off my marathon time so I can qualify for Boston before I’m old and gray. Hahaha.

And to feed our running obsession even more, we got this book (also recommended by my brothers):I knew I had to have it when I read part of an interview with the author. He said, and I quote:

“We treat running in the modern world the same way we treat childbirth—it’s going to hurt, and requires special exercises and equipment, and the best you can hope for is to get it over with quickly with minimal damage. Then I meet the Tarahumara, and they’re having a blast. They remember what it’s like to love running, and it lets them blaze through the canyons like dolphins rocketing through waves. For them, running isn’t work. It isn’t a punishment for eating. It’s fine art, like it was for our ancestors.”

That sounds like something I’d like, right? We’re only a few chapters in, and it is kind of blowing my mind. These Tarahumara people are completely unbelievable to me, and yet this is non-fiction. Can’t wait to read more.

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