Boy Wonder

Boy Wonder

Warning: This is a somewhat long and probably boring post about how awesome my child is. You have been warned.

The past two days Simon has been going sans diaper when we are at home in order to help with a diaper/heat rash issue that is making us all miserable. Yesterday I told him he had to sit on a blanket on the rug and then he could watch a show, just to try to contain any messes. But there have been no messes. This is because the boy has been holding out on us. He knows when he has to pee. And he will consistently sit on the potty when he has to do it. We have not been tested with any solids yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he has been holding out on us there, too. Punk.

I’m not sure if I am really ready to go whole-hog on the potty training thing yet, but by the end of the week he should be the proud owner of some underpants. I’ll let you know when you can start calling him “Captain Underpants” for real and in the mean time we are forking out fruit snacks left and right.And for those who are interested, the child has also recently learned:

  • the art of the front roll or somersault, as it is also called. This is no small feat considering the size of his head and the length of his legs.
  • which key unlocks which door. In fact, he routinely insists on being allowed to insert the appropriate key into all (3) of the locks that we have to unlock to get from our apartment to the great outdoors.
  • to recognize the various train stations we frequently pass through. He has recently become obsessed with going to Broadway-Nassau station and then taking the 4 or the 5 train to 14th St.-Union Square.
  • how to operate my phone. More specifically, he can navigate to the music folder and start his music set. (“Girls Singing” by Mates of State, “Say Goodbye” by Girlyman, “Fall Stories” by Girlyman, “Mama Mia” by ABBA en espanol, “(My Girl’s Got) Miraculous Temptations” by Belle and Sebastian, “Maori” by Girlyman, and, if we get that far, “Cathedrals” by Jump, Little Children.)

He also:

  • laughs uproariously when he catches a glimpse of Roscoe moving.
  • still thinks we should name his brother “Babyjuice” (although he has also considered “Babysimonjuice” and “Babywater”).
  • suddenly gets thirsty whenever he talks on the phone. The conversation is something like this: Me: “Simon do you want to talk to Grandma? Okay, here’s Grandma.” Grandma: “Hi Simon, how are you doing today?” Simon: silence. Grandma: “Are you having a good day today?” Simon: “Need drinka wawa.” The end.
  • has a goal to stack his blocks all the way to the light. I actually got them stacked about as high as my height, and Micah got them stacked about as high as his height, so maybe if we all work together we can make it happen.
  • likes to do things by himself. His favorite thing to say is, “No I dood it,” as he pushes my hand out of the way.
  • tries to dress himself, sometimes. Mostly pajamas. Mostly the pants/shorts end up as a hat and then he begs, “Take picture. Take picture.” We’re happy to oblige, of course. (As evidenced by the above photo.)
  • has rediscovered his love of sign language. We’re refreshing for the baby, of course, but also taking it to the next level. I even bought a signing dictionary so he doesn’t have to make up signs so much any more. (His sign for “moon” is the same as his sign for “April” which is the same as the sign he just made up for “bear.”)

4 thoughts on “Boy Wonder

  1. ugh! lizzie, he is so stinkin cute! love that he wants to name his upcoming sib after a beverage.

  2. Wow, he's so impressive!! He's one smart guy to be able to do all of that! You and Micah should be very proud. :0)

  3. Beautiful. So fun to watch them grow into their own wonderful people. He's definitely a NY baby!

    I am SO jealous that some people can get their kids to use the toilet before 3 years of age!! Congrats, Simon! Though to his credit, Keane did finally decide it was a good idea 3 days before we went on vacation. And has stayed dry ever since.

  4. Simon! I can't believe he's been holding out on you! He's so cute! That picture will surely be one of his favorites when he's all grown up. Tell him "way to go" from his Auntie Becca and I hope that things are still going well with the potty training. He's quite the independent little guy. I'm sold on teaching kids sign language. How's the dictionary working out? Those are some great songs Simon has in his music set. Ü I'll let Jon know. They're some of his favorites. Oh Babyjuice. Can't wait to find out what little Roscoe shall be called!

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