For FHE the other night we decided to do some work on the “name that baby” situation. I’ve been a lot more anxious about it than Micah has been.

Me: If the baby comes early, like Simon did, we only have two months to decide.
Micah: Plenty of time. Plenty of time.
Me: (sound of my hair being pulled out of my head)

Okay, so it really isn’t that dramatic. Not yet anyway. But since Micah is a good guy and likes to humor me, he played along. We pulled out some of Simon’s blocks and decided to see if we could get anything good by making anagrams of Micah’s name (Micah Braden). I’ll let you be the judge of our success.

Not too bad. Maybe a little materialistic/commercial . . . .

Hmmm. Still working in the commercial vein, I see.

Because Simon filled the first dramaniche, of course. And you have to admit it is better than Thing 1 and Thing 2.

“Ah, yes, Mr. Nicebad. How nice, er, bad of you to join us.” I think this one has serious potential.

Because really, what were we thinking. Two kids? It’s the only explanation.

As opposed to “Craniam Hed A” of course. And also, because the sonogram says he’s going to have a big one, just like his brother.

Wouldn’t you feel comfortable being treated under a neurosurgeon by this name? That’s what I thought.
Because we didn’t have the right letters for “Lemonade” but we wanted to incorporate Simon’s “Babyjuice” idea.

I don’t really know what a “mench” is, but doesn’t it sound intimidating? And believe you me, this kid is going to need all the help he can get.

I’m sure that there will be times when I will feel as though I am chained to a beam. Or two beams.

Let’s hope not.

Reminds me of our days in Hawaii . . . yes, very nice. So picturesque.

So, which is your favorite? I’m feeling kind of partial to “A Mind Breach” myself. At least right now. Tomorrow may be a different story.

11 thoughts on “Anagramatical

  1. Ah mr nicebad is pretty awesome but I also like dramaniche b. I know what you mean though. I HAD to know the name and Thomas didn't really care. The mom carries the baby 24/7 and so of course she wants to feel more of a connection which naming is a huge part of.

  2. Personally, I'm a fan of birchmanade. You could totally call him Birchie for short, but ah mr nicebad certainly has a ring to it as well… Basically I am so impressed with all of them. I just don't think you can go wrong! Ü

  3. These cracked me up. I know you both will come up with a good name. I have confidence in that. And, "A rabid mench" isn't that yiddish for…something? Ah, yes! Mensch Yiddish for a person of honor. So, yeah, THAT's my favorite!

  4. The blocks are pretty cool, eh? Micah brought them home from work on Monday for a project he was working on. We now have a sets of uppercase, lowercase, and Chinese. Simon loves them.

    I'm glad to hear "mensch" is actually a word, even if it isn't in my native language and I didn't spell it right.

    This is fun. I like it.

  5. You guys are hilarious, I wish I were as creative as you! I like the nicebad one – you could always name him that, and then just go with however he's acting on a particular day.

  6. Wait! Those blocks come in Chinese?? We gotta get some of those. It's gotta be great working for a company that sells cool stuff.

    You guys crack me up. I really DO intend to return your Bjorn, btw. I just wanted to include some other warm clothes in the box and I've not been home much. I didn't forget!

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