Some Important Measurements

Some Important Measurements

Thanks to a sewing measuring tape and a lazy Saturday afternoon we now have the following data:

Circumference of object A (Micah’s head) = 22.5 inches.

Circumference of object B (Lizzie’s head) = 22 inches.

Circumference of object C (Simon’s head) = 21 inches.

The distance from point D (Lizzie’s belly button) to point E (Simon’s belly button) to point F (Micah’s belly button) = 72.25 inches.

The distance from point D to point E to point F to point G (Simon’s forehead) = 96.5 inches.

The distance from point D to point E, then circumventing object H (Simon’s belly) and continuing on to point F = 87.625 inches.

Just thought you would like to know.

4 thoughts on “Some Important Measurements

  1. You must've been having fun – I can just hear Simon giggling while you measured all of that. :0)

  2. LOL! I thought I was all caught up but didn't realize that I hadn't read this yet. Oh I'm so glad I did! Hilarious!

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