I think my sister is clever.

I think my sister is clever.

Some of my siblings went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter at some theater in Utah. I didn’t get to go. I may not even see it in the theater because Micah and I are too lazy and miserly to find ourselves a sitter AND pony up the cash for such an endeavor. (Poor Lizzie. That Lizzie is poor.) Especially when we’ve heard that Mr. Radcliffe’s and Mr. Grint’s acting chops have not improved significantly over time. (Really that is just our excuse for being cheapskates.)
But I digress. My siblings. That’s where we were. And my clever sister who made iron-on t-shirts for all of them to wear to the big event. I think they are hilarious. I hope you can make out the text.Abby informs me that Jarom’s shirt (he’s the one there under the curse Imperius) says “Why so SIRIUS?” on the back and Jess’s, whose heart you can unlock with the Alohomora spell, says “I Lovegood like Luna does.” And all of them, on the sleeve or elsewhere, say, “If I fall asleep please RENNERVATE me.”

Perhaps if Abby got some copyright permissions and a silk-screening machine she could make a buck or two.

And thus concludes our Harry Potter related postings for the next two months. :)

6 thoughts on “I think my sister is clever.

  1. These are really fun! My mom and sister once made me an I heart Harry Potter shirt {like the I heart NY shirts} for one of the movie premiers. If your sister ever did sell them, or would consider making one for a huge fan in New Orleans, that would be sirius-ly amazing! :) Hope all is well!

  2. I love it! Jon and I actually went to Harry Potter last night. I was thoroughly impressed with Mr. Radcliffe's performance under Felix Felicis. We also laughed several times during the awkward teen romance scenes. All in all I'd say these actors and actresses have improved dramatically over the years. It really was well done, though it sure helps to have movie tickets gifted to you so you don't have to pay a gazillion dollars… too bad they wouldn't accept them. :(

  3. Those are so cool! I would totally pay for them. :0)

    BTW, we just saw the movie on Saturday and were definitely impressed – I actually think this may be their best one!

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