Roughing It

Roughing It

Simon and I went camping together last week. Me and him and our little tiny tent and a bunch of other ladies from our ward and their kids. There was a lake, a campfire, food, friends, and plenty of space to run around. Oh yeah, and rain. We were fortunate enough not to have a leaky tent or it could have been a very difficult situation. Micah’s Boy Scout tent did admirably, despite the fact that it looked like it might collapse at any moment. Of course I had to tie the boy inside the tent during nap time or he wouldn’t have slept a wink.

The highlight for Simon was this dog, Peanut. Every time he came into camp, Simon would attach himself to the dog’s back and run around with him as long as he could.Simon didn’t love the lake, and he didn’t love sleeping, and he didn’t love much of the food (the exception being the M&M portion of the trailmix, which proved to be the bane of my existence the rest of the week), but he did love water (there was a little spring he liked to dip his feet in — although I can’t imagine why, it was absolutely frigid) and taking pictures (especially ones of me and him). Somehow we still managed to have a great time.
This was our attempt to corral all the kids for a group shot. It was somewhat successful:
And, just for kicks, a little self-portrait I did. Can’t wait for next year’s excursion when he’ll be able to enjoy the good times as well.

6 thoughts on “Roughing It

  1. Was this a women and children only camp-out? I don't know that I've ever heard of that before. I assume it went well.

  2. Simon is such a cutie! And so's his mommy!

    I remember going on a mother-kid campout when I was little…so much fun!

  3. That's so fun, I really wanted to go last year but it just didn't work out. I'm glad it was a good time!

  4. It was mostly women and children. One dad came, but most of them had to work. I hope that we can all go camping as a family sometime, but before we do we're going to need a bigger tent. I just don't see it working out with 3 or 4 of us in a 2-man tent.

  5. How fun! I'm excited to go camping with my family. Jon and I have great intentions for going often… and while that may be the case (me to Girls Camp and him to Scout Camp) I just hope we go together sometime! Those pictures are adorable! You definitely look pregnant these days Lizzie! :)

  6. That's awesome, I've never heard of a mom's camp out. Sounds like fun. A big tent is a must with kids though (so I've heard.)

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