For the holiday . . .

For the holiday . . .

We invited ourselves over to people’s houses and crashed their 4th of July parties. But they were all so nice to us anyway that I almost don’t feel too bad about it.

On Friday we went to the Mall with my brother and saw the monuments and the American History Museum. It was a lovely day to walk around and visit some of my favorite people:
On Saturday we met up with some friends from Brooklyn who have family in the DC area. They even let us in on their little firework show.Oddly enough, I’d never been to DC before. We had a great time with the Broughs and the Johns and my bro, Jon (hahaha). Thanks, all y’all. Simon can’t stop talking about his new friend, Asher. Mostly that Asher is sleeping. I think he was a little bit jealous. The week was not kind to his sleeping schedule. We’ll have to work on that.

6 thoughts on “For the holiday . . .

  1. Wait a minute–we saw Kermit this weekend too, in Seattle. Ok, I know there's more than one Kermit, but it's funny that the one we saw was displayed exactly the same way.

  2. You went to DC? Dang. Someday I'll be back East and it won't be that huge o' deal to go to all those cool places.

  3. I guess Meg beat me to it, but my first reaction was "how can Kermit be here and there at the same time?" I feel so duped.

  4. We loved having you guys! Simon is a great (and cute) kid. And, yes, Asher does sleep a lot. :) We're boring people sometimes.

  5. What a fun time! I got to spend the 4th in DC when I was in high school; it's a pretty awesome place to be on Independence Day!

  6. That Kermit, he's so crafty. I wish I knew how to be in two places at once.

    We hope you can come visit us again, Misty. We had a great time and you were too kind to us. We need to repay the favor. :)

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