Simon’s Gift

Simon’s Gift

The dear child has surprised us yet again with hitherto undiscovered talents, which he unveiled just in time for Father’s Day much to Micah’s (and my) enjoyment.

Exhibit A:

You may not be able to discern what the talent is at first sneeze, so allow me to point out the finer points. Note, first of all, the false modesty with which the child begins his performance. “No camera . . . no talk to me.” But then, when confronted with his own beautiful visage, he cannot contain his delight (that’s how we know the modesty is false). He clearly thinks he’s as cute as we do. And then, sigh, that lovely falsetto. Who knew the boy had such singing chops? Not us. Surely he will do us proud as a countertenor at the Met. Our hopes are as high as his voice.

Exhibit B:

At church today the Primary (ages 3-11) and Nursery children (ages 18 months-3) sang some songs for Father’s Day. We were thrilled to have our son demonstrate his newly-found gift for a wider audience, of course, and sent him to the front of the chapel post haste. He was still one of the last children there (blasted short legs and shorter attention span!), which, thankfully, meant he was on the front row. He didn’t know that, though. All he knew was that as he was walking up the steps, he found himself facing a wall of children. His way was thwarted. He was stuck with his back towards the congregation. Nothing could be done so he just stood there. Facing the rest of the kids. Through both songs. Singing to the choir, if you will. Two parents have never been so proud. Or taken with such a fit of the giggles in the middle of sacrament meeting.

Despite his predicament, I was told by someone that he could hear Simon loud and clear, his voice carrying angelically above the other children’s.

I think he was lying.

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