Slightly Disconcerting . . .

Slightly Disconcerting . . .

The New York Times just published a story about homicides in New York City. I read with interest about how summer is the hot time for such things, so to speak, but was taken aback by this little tidbit: “The bloodiest block in Brooklyn was in the 77th Precinct, in Crown Heights, bounded by Schenectady Avenue, Sterling Place, Troy Avenue and St. Johns Place.”

Six murders took place on that block in 2008. Four of them while we were sleeping peacefully in our bed just one block west. Good thing we didn’t know about them at the time, eh?

Oh, and our new neighborhood is much safer. Only one murder last year, and it was three blocks away.

Goodnight. Sleep tight.

6 thoughts on “Slightly Disconcerting . . .

  1. yikes! that is scary. I'm glad you guys are in a safer place now. 1 is scary but much better than 6!

  2. Schnikies! I would so let my imagination get the better of me with every little sound at night if I knew that six murders happened only one block away from where I lived.

    Hopefully they were mostly domestic homicides…that sounds awful but you know what I mean… it's better for you if they murdered a family/friend instead of some random stranger = means you're safer if it's that type of killer. Glad you moved!

  3. That's pretty freaky. It's kind of like finding out there are 15 sexual offenders within 1/2 mile of your house. I'm glad your new neighborhood is a little safer.

  4. Yeah. I stumbled across the sex offender registry for our old neighborhood a while back. A few quick glances let me know that I would probably be better off not knowing some things . . . .

    In the article it did say that women are much more likely to be killed by someone they know, so I guess that is good for me. Assuming nobody I know wants to kill me, of course. But I think that since we're pretty much out of the drugs/gang loop, luck is on our side. We'll do our best to stay alive this summer.

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