I sort of made a mistake. I told Simon that I can feel the baby kicking. I probably should have said “moving” instead of “kicking.” Because now, of course, Simon wants me to feel him kicking, too. Every time I change his diaper or get him dressed or he finds himself lying with his feet towards me, it’s, “Kicking. Kicking.” And lots of laughter. From him, not me.
But on the cuter side, he also picked up on the fact that sometimes I expose my belly and tell him that if we watch carefully, maybe we can see the baby move. At first he adamantly refused to participate, pulling my shirt down with a definitive, “No open. Close.” Alrighty then. But on Friday he got into the spirit of things and decided that baby-watching could be fun. He straddled my lap and pulled up my shirt, then rubbed my belly like I sometimes do when I’m trying to get Roscoe (as we are calling him until we come up with something more permanent) to show himself. “Watching baby. Watching baby,” he said. Cute.

2 thoughts on “Oops.

  1. that is really cute! and i like the name roscoe. i say look no further- thats the name!

    did you know that simon is a perfect/beautiful child and should like model or something??? well, he is and should. :)

    anyway, what i really meant to write was that ambrose would frequently do something similar and a couple of times he sat in the very same position and held both our shirts up (he was confused and thought either that he had a baby in his tummy too or that baby meant tummy) and put his stomach on mine and said, "BABIES TOGETHER!!!!!!!"

  2. Oh, that is so funny, Stephanie. I'm sure he's going to love hearing that story when he's older. It reminds me of a cartoon I've never seen, only read about, that had some twins with super powers that could only be activated if they put their fists together.

    I'm a little surprised that Simon has never thought there was a baby in his tummy. I've heard from several sources that all kids do that, but then Simon is a little bit slow on some things, so maybe he just missed the boat. :)

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