All the way back home.

All the way back home.

We flew home yesterday. Took the red-eye and got to our apartment at about 7:00am. And then we totally crashed for most of the day. And no wonder. We had a busy week. Shopping, swimming, meeting up with friends, and, oh yeah, my sister’s wedding. Simon stayed up until 11:00ish several nights in a row (that’s 1:00am New York time . . . sigh) because he just wanted to be where the party was. There were so many aunts and uncles and not enough time in the day. Plus he could climb out of the pack-n-play and unlock the door to our room so there was really no restraining him.

Here are some pictures of some of our activities for those of you who are interested in such things.

It turns out that the boy likes chocolate. Wonder where he gets that from. He is also not afraid of horses, like I thought he would be. He did, eventually, warm up to both Will and the pool. But only when it was time for us to leave.
Just lounging around waiting for dinner to cook. Note to self: tinfoil dinners are not a fast food. At least not for us. The uncles let the boy win at King of the Rock, which was very nice of them. I think these two like each other. That’s the vibe I got when I was around them. And here are me and my sisters. Yeah, we look good. (I did get my haircut. I love it. But the humidity back East is wreaking havoc on my bangs. Sigh.)
I think this picture adequately captures Simon’s attitude through most of the festivities. I don’t even want to know how many times he yelled, “Go home!” at inappropriate moments. Like in the middle of my sister’s choir concert and during my grandma’s funeral and while Jon, my new brother-in-law, was giving a little speech at the luncheon after the wedding. But here he is just upset because we didn’t want him to play in the fountain. He managed to get his sleeve soaking wet anyway. I love that kid.

4 thoughts on “All the way back home.

  1. Aw, Becca is a beautiful bride! I think your hair cut is super cute too. I'm glad you made it home safely.

  2. I agree, you ladies look gorgeous!! I'm glad it was a good trip. We sure love and miss you guys.

  3. Sounds like such a fun trip! Yay Becca! By the way–how did Simon's backpack do? I mean, did he like carrying it or did you end up doing all the work?

  4. Simon liked the backpack, but it was hard for him to wear it, so he ended up carrying it by the handle a lot. The straps are too far apart, so it looks like it is going to fall off him. In another year or so it'll be fine, but until then either he has to carry it by the handle or we can cross the straps in front so there is no way he can take it off. We haven't used it since we got home, but I would say that it was relatively successful. :)

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