Get out of Town

Get out of Town

That’s what we did on Monday. And Tuesday, too, for that matter (except Micah). We finally took the Metro-North out of the city. We’ve lived here almost 2 years and this was our first time attempting to explore the regions round about the city. We’re pretty pathetic, but we’ve promised ourselves to do better. It wasn’t as expensive as we thought it would be, and definitely worth the effort. We just took a little day trip to a town called Cold Springs (where it is surprisingly difficult to find a drink of water). Simon loved this little park with lots of cars and toys and slides and swings, but mostly we just walked around and sat by the river. There were lots of little shops and we got some ice cream as well. We just enjoyed the time together without feeling rushed to do anything or go anywhere or see anybody.On the way home we sat by Laura Linney and some other actor who spoke loudly about how he once caused Robin Williams to laugh inappropriately at the Academy Awards while Beyonce was singing. And also how he loves to get a private jet, even though he knows he doesn’t really need one. Crazy New Yorkers.

2 thoughts on “Get out of Town

  1. How fun to get out of the city for a day. I didn’t think about it, but I imagine being subway dependent makes you a lot more aware of the cost of travel. I tend to just go wherever I want to go, and unless it’s across several states I don’t really think about the cost. I probably ought to think about that more.

    Too funny about the ride home! I doubt I would recognize a star sitting right next to me pretty much anywhere. I always wondered if that would be refreshing to a star to just talk to another person as a person not a celebrity… or if they would be offended that I have no clue who they are!

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