Sasa is what Simon calls himself. We got a kick out of it at first because in Hawaii, “sasa” means beating. As in, “If you do that one more time I’m going to take you behind the shed and give you a sasa.” But after a while it got kind of old. I’ve been working with him on actually saying his name.

“Can you say ‘Si’?”
“Can you say ‘Mon’?”
“Can you say Si-mon.”
“Good. Simon.”
“Si-mon. Sasun. Sasa!” (peals of laughter)
It’s nice to know he can say it. It’s also nice to know how he arrives at his final destination.

4 thoughts on “Sasa

  1. So funny. I remember my mom telling me stories about my sister and I insisting on calling our special blankets “bankie” even though we obviously knew how to say it properly. Kid humor, I guess!

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