The Backpack

The Backpack

For our upcoming trip to Utah, I decided it would be fun for Simon to have his own backpack to carry his stuff onto the airplane, since he gets his own seat and all. But if you think I was going to go buy one, you’re crazy. :) Micah and I dug through all the fabric we got from his mom last Christmas and found some appropriate pieces. Then I sat down and “designed” what I thought I wanted it to look like and how big it should be. It was kind of fun, even if I really didn’t know what I was doing. Micah took my sketches and made a pattern, and we got to work.Yesterday Simon and I went to Manhattan to get the buttons and buckles — the finishing touches — and we put them on last night as Simon (sort of) slept peacefully in the next room. I am pretty pleased with the results, even though you don’t have to look very closely to see a lot of crooked lines and the front pocket is somewhat crooked. It was challenging for me and made me realize I really can sew, even though I’ve never felt very competent with a sewing machine.
Simon has been really excited about this project for the few weeks that we’ve been working on it. Several times I’ve taken him to Goodwill or the dollar store to see if they had anything that we could use for the backpack. Usually he would get impatient with me halfway through and start dragging me towards the door. All I would have to do is say, “But Simon, I’m looking for something for your backpack,” and he would start dragging me the other way saying, “Backpack, backpack, backpack.” But by yesterday, when we were finally ready to test out the buckles on the straps before we sewed them on, he had lost interest. And this morning when I showed him the finished product, his response was, “Juice. Juice.” Not quite the enthusiastic reaction I was hoping for, but he still has a few days to realize the awesomeness of being able to carry your own stuff around.

Or maybe I’ll be the lucky one who gets to carry it around. My best laid plans . . . .

8 thoughts on “The Backpack

  1. It’s adorable!! I love it. I wish you had a magic duplicating machine so that amby can have one too! We got him a backpack at savers a couple of weeks ago and he could talk of nothing else until we left the store… and then he was kinda over it. Toddlers. :)

  2. it’s super cute! I love the fabric and the straps! Also the front looks like a face a little which is cool!

  3. That is the cutest thing ever! What kinds of things would he carry around in it though?

  4. Eric, Conan and Matthan, do you recognize the striped denim fabric from when you were little guys? What memories… glad to see it going forward to the next generation! Great job, Lizzie! — Mom

  5. What wouldn’t he carry around, Sarah? I’m planning on a few diapers, his wipes, changing pad, a few small paperbacks, perhaps some drawing paper, snacks, and a couple of toys.

    After breakfast yesterday I tried to get him excited about it by letting him put whatever he wanted in it. He decided on the entire contents of his bed: all of the books (10 or so), a pair of shorts, his pacifier, three bears, two puzzle pieces, and his blankets. They clearly could not all fit, although I did get everything but the blankets physically inside. It wouldn’t close and he couldn’t carry it, but I thought it was a fun exercise anyway.

  6. you guys are too creative. i love seeing all of your amazing projects!! what an inspiration…

  7. So fun! Yeah, we always made Neils carry his own stuff as soon as he was able. Diapers, wipes, snacks, and some toys were always appreciated by a little man who could get it all himself! Well, maybe not the diapers and wipes so appreciated, but MOM appreciated not having to carry them! It also slowed him down a bit in the airport, which was very appreciated by mom & dad lugging heavy stuff and trying to keep up!

  8. Great job! It looks marvelous. It has me more motivated to make one for Clark…maybe.


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