All Gradumacated

All Gradumacated

Hey! Look at me! All decked out in purple academic regalia (as they call it) and surrounded by all the men in my life like I did something special or something. Oh, that’s right. I did. Gosh, it’s been so long since I finished classes that I almost forgot you should all be calling me Master Lizzie. Just kidding. You don’t have to call me Master Lizzie. Yet. Anyway, it looks like we’re all thrilled with the accomplishment except for Simon, who is grumpy because Micah took his goldfish away so he would pay attention to the camera.
And here’s the part where they put the fancy master’s degree hood on me (upside down) and then knocked off my cap so that I would be really flustered when I got my picture taken with the dean of the graduate school at the other end of the stage. Fortunately I didn’t trip, so I count the walk across as being successful despite the other misfortunes. Simon took the above picture while we were at Yankee Stadium for the all-University Commencement. Just kidding. He’s asleep on Micah’s back. The picture was taken by one of the stadium workers who told us exactly where to stand and has taken pictures with just about every kind of camera imaginable. I believe him.
Secretary Clinton was the main speaker and people were going wild over her. I was kind of excited because on the way up Micah and I were wondering who the speaker would be and why they hadn’t told us. I said it was probably President Obama and that is why they were hush hush about it. I was pretty pleased that I got so close to the right answer. But I was more excited about Helen Thomas, who, along with Sec. Clinton was receiving an honorary doctorate. Helen Thomas is a journalist who has been covering the White House for 3 times as long as I’ve been alive. (Okay, not that long, but close.) I remember when she came to BYU and spoke at a forum and people got up to leave after she said something about how everything good in the world died when Reagan took office. Or something like that. Anybody else remember that? After commencement we got slices of real New York pizza (one of my favorite things about living in the city) and took pictures of us in the Bronx because who knows when we’ll find ourselves all the way up there again? And then we took the long subway ride home, made even longer by the fact that all of us got at least a little bit sunburned and the burn was developing more and more as the train slowly made its way through Manhattan and the little person seemed not to be handling the development well. But we made it home alive and I have awesome tan lines on my wrists since my gown covered just about everything else. It’s a good look if you ask me.

The end.

11 thoughts on “All Gradumacated

  1. woot woot master lizzie!!!! i am so happy for you and wish it were me too! congrats! seriously, what an accomplishment.

  2. When you come for Becca’s wedding I will be sure to call you Master Lizzie. :) Congrats! I can’t wait to see you guys!

  3. What an awesome day! How was the new Yankee Stadium? Did you get $2,500 seats?? ;0) Seriously, though, major congrats on graduating. I remember talking to you when you were first starting and what a big task was ahead of you. And now it’s done!!! Good work!! :0)

    Did Ms. Clinton and/or Helen Thomas have anything particularly interesting to say?

  4. Wahoo! Congratulations a million times over! Sorry I’m so delayed, I haven’t been online in quite awhile. How fantastic to be officially DONE. We love you and wish we couldda been there to support you on your big day. It sounds fantastic!

  5. Just lovely, Debi. It’s inesterting how 1940s it looks even though it is such a simple shape. For £12 you have created a truly special top that undoubtedly looks uber expensive!

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