That really great weekend I mentioned so long ago.

That really great weekend I mentioned so long ago.

So, we had a good weekend, like 4 days ago. Okay, Sunday was only 3 days ago, but it still feels like I should have posted this . . . before. But I’m doing it now. We went to the park 3 days in a row. It was glorious. Friday was just our little family out on a little family picnic during which Micah surprised me with my graduation gift. A Nikon D60. It’s a super awesome camera. We have entered the world of the digital SLR and I am so excited and happy about it. I want to be able to take lovely pictures of my family and to capture moments that our previous camera missed because it was too slow, and now I can. I welcome any tips or resources to help me become more comfortable and capable with the power and possibilities of this thing from those of you who are way ahead of me on this front (Jamie, Diana, Tysha . . .).Saturday we got up early to go for a run before we played ultimate frisbee with some other friends in our ward. I was the only girl, but I managed to hold my own and even score at least one point. It was nice to be trusted with the disc. And then we ran/walked/dragged ourselves to another friend’s house for a brunch before heading home for a nap. After which Micah and I got to go on a hot date into the city while some friends watched Simon. (Baby-sitting co-op = our greatest idea to date.) We just hung around Union Square and got shakes, but, oh! The feeling of summer in the city! Granted, it’s still April, but we could feel it. I can’t wait to spend Saturdays in Central Park, people watching and picnicking.And Sunday we met a whole bunch of other people from the ward at the park just to hang out and talk and eat food. Mostly Micah and I played with the camera, but we also got to know some people we didn’t know very well before and discovered that there are several people who, like us, 1. Like to rock climb 2. have their gear with them in New York 3. need an excuse to use it. So we’re hoping to plan a camping trip (or a few) up to the Gunks this summer so we can go climbing more. Hooray.
We left the park as the sun was setting and walked home. Simon walked the whole way. Approximately one and a half miles. Because he did not want to ride in the stroller. If nothing else, the stroller is helping us discover Simon’s true endurance.

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  1. Oh no. I thought we were randomly spammed by somebody just now. There was a comment that said they wanted to go “there” and then told us to wish them a happy birthday. So, naturally, I deleted it. Then I remembered that I have a former, crazy intern that has a birthday right about now who sounds a lot like the commenter. Oops.

    Jay, I’m sorry I deleted your comment. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Feel free to post again. I will keep my cursor off of the trash can this time.

  2. I lucked out. Lizzie gets an email whenever anyone posts a comment so I put our crazy thai friend’s post back up. Drama as usual.

  3. ooh it al1 sounds so fabulous! summer in the city and a new camera to take pictures of it all.

  4. What a great graduation surprise! And congratulations to you. The pictures already look lovely. Enjoy!

  5. April in NYC is the best!! I’m glad the weather is finally turning nice and that you had so much fun. Awesome pictures, BTW! :0)

  6. Thank you Micah..Just want to clearify something real quick here. I’m crazy genious amazing fabulous talented wonderful and so so humble. ok?? not just crazy.

    Oh one thing, I got Nikon D60 too(awesome camera – just like me).

    Simon – My name is Jay.

  7. how fun! you know if you moved back to hawaii you could go to the park almost every day. lol! of course i say that – but rarely go. anyway, great pix so far. the little tyke is getting cuter by the day.

  8. Hey! I found your blog linked from the Richard’s. I can’t believe Simon walked all the way home from the park – that would have taken us hours the way Matthew walks. Great pics with your new camera!

  9. Your pictures look awesome. Our camera is basically splitting apart, so maybe someday I’ll get a nice one like yours. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend outside in the parks. I wish I was there to play ultimate frisbee with you.

  10. Awesome Graduation gift! (Way to go, Micah!)

    To start with: (I know it sounds lame…but hardly anyone does it and it DOES make a difference) Read the OWNER’S MANUAL and get to know your new camera intimately. Then, practice, practice, practice and more practice. Get down the basics of exposure (shutter speed, aperture, and ISO) and don’t let MANUAL overwhelm you – you’ll have fun, you’ll develop a new talent, and you’ll be set! Oh, and Simon will probably either get to feeling really natural with a camera pointed at him – or he’ll try to run from it! 😉

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