Lend me your poems, please

Lend me your poems, please

We had a great weekend. Which I will write about more later. Hooray for the sun. We’ve missed it so. But what I’m really here to say is that over at oliofolio we are sharing our versions of some of William Carlos Williams most famous poems, “This is Just to Say” and “The Red Wheelbarrow.” And we’d like to hear your versions as well. I know almost all of my siblings had to write one in a high school English class, so I expect you to find them and send them to me. And anybody else who wants to take a whack at them. It’s all in good fun, nothing scary or intimidating. We’re not going to critique. We’ll just enjoy. You can either send them to my normal e-mail address if you want, or to oliofolio (at) gmail (dot) com.

4 thoughts on “Lend me your poems, please

  1. That’s so funny–I just modeled “This Is Just To Say” last night for fun. Maybe I’ll play with it some more and send it your way. Those are such great poems, both.

  2. Have you listened to the Radio Lab that mentions those two poems (or maybe it was on This American Life). It was really good.

    P.S. This is Jarom

  3. It was This American Life and yes I listened to it. I’m addicted to that program. :)

    A note on the picture: Simon got really excited about me taking pictures of the two of us. He just had his head on my shoulder, so I turned the camera on us and snapped one, and then for a minute or two he would protest whenever I made a move to put the camera away or turn it on someone else. I didn’t get to see the faces he was making until afterward, but some of them were pretty funny. Unfortunately, I look really funny in all of them.

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