Right Place Right Time?

Right Place Right Time?

I was walking down the street today, carrying Simon on my hip. We were passing the local Goodwill and I was debating whether or not to go in and see if they had anything interesting. I resisted the urge and kept walking when I heard some people calling to me. I turned around and saw a man and two women with a stroller — an empty stroller. They asked me if I wanted it. They said they were going to give it to Goodwill, that it had belonged to a friend of theirs who had just moved to New Jersey and was getting rid of it, but Goodwill had a sign that said they can no longer take strollers. There they were trying to decide what to do with this stroller when they noticed me walking down the street, strollerless and with little person riding on my hip. I gave it a quick look over. It was pretty clean, definitely used, but still in good shape. It’s a Maclaren Techno XT, which I knew very little about other than that Maclaren’s are probably the most popular stroller brand in our ward (which has more than it’s fair share of babies). And since we have been considering getting a stroller for the boy (he has become opposed to our carrier in most circumstances but can’t walk for very long), I took it home. It handles well and Simon seemed decently happy sitting in it.

But now that I have it, I’m not exactly sure how to use it. I mean, obviously I put Simon in it and wheel him around, but do I take it on the subway? Just for short walks? Or maybe this will enable me to walk distances that seemed too long if I was going to have to carry Simon, but might not be worth spending a subway fare on? And then there is the matter of getting it up and down three flights of stairs . . . it is pretty light, but still kind of awkward, especially if I’m going to have grocery bags and whatever else to carry.

I’m not sure if my life got simpler or more complicated, but I feel pretty lucky that I just got a free stroller. Especially one that retails for $270.

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  1. That’s awesome and I’m sure you’ll figure it all out and what works best for you guys. Happy strolling!

  2. nice! sounds like perfect timing!

    I live up one flight of stairs (not the same–i know) but I stick my groceries in the part where the girl sits and then she walks up in front of me, while I pull the stroller up one stair at a time by the handles.

    My stroller saves my life when Kaiya comes with me–it buys me time when she is ready to go, I just strap her in and she relaxes. Also it takes way less time getting places since I don’t have to wait for her.
    I think you’ll like it!

    random question:
    when you have to buy big items like costco stuff (laundry detergent, toilet paper etc) how to do while riding the subways? or do you just buy smaller and more often?

  3. We actually made our own laundry detergent that should last us about a year . . . and we have the stuff to make tons more so we shouldn’t have to buy any of that for a long time. But other stuff, like toilet paper, we usually get at Target and either I have Micah with me, or I go when he can watch Simon (or he goes when I have Simon) so that we can have both hands for the bulky things (although I’ve probably done it with Simon on my back, too, I just can’t remember exactly). When we go to Costco, Micah brings his big backpacking backpack and we load it up for the way home. The most recent time we went, he probably had 70ish pounds on his back, I wore Simon and the diaper bag (which also had stuff in it) and I think I had our little nylon backpack filled with stuff as well.

    But people always have strange/large/heavy items on the subway. Cribs and chairs and sculptures and anything really. It can be pretty entertaining.

  4. wow! i honestly cant believe that this is your first stroller! we have four. 1 regular from when amby was a babe, one umbrella, a double stroller for the impending birth, and a jogging stroller. i guess your environment just doesnt call for one as much as ours but i am still fascinated! anyway, i am happy you were at the right place at the right time. so cool! that is how we got our double stroller. some girl at the playground overheard me talking about the one i was hoping to get soon and she said, “oh i have one of those and i am trying to figure out who to give it to.” pretty neat when that happens.

  5. You make your own laundry detergent? That’s awesome that you got a free stroller. I’m sure it will come in handy sometimes. I’m all about getting free stuff. My brother has a Maclaren stroller and supposedly they are real top of the line.

  6. Here is the link to the “recipe” we used to make our laundry detergent. It turned out well, although it is an interesting texture, like the one in the video.


    Also, Stephanie, this is actually our second stroller. We do have a jogging stroller that we got about a year ago as well, but we only use it for jogging because it is a fixed wheel and a beast to try to get around anywhere.

  7. Congrats! The timing couldn’t have been better for you both! Looks like a sweet ride for Simon!

  8. That is the exact same stroller that we have!! The wheels are a different style, but I seriously thought for a second that you had put a picture of Samuel’s stroller on your blog. :0) If you want to know anything about how to use it, give me a call! ;0)

    BTW, did you see Fringe last week? Cameron and I both busted up laughing when the lady somehow got her huge stroller through the turnstile on the subway… Good thing that was at the beginning or we wouldn’t have been able to laugh.

  9. Natalie, I thought it might be the same stroller that you have. That was one of the reasons I was pretty sure it was a good one . . . it looked so familiar.

    And we got a kick out of that scene on Fringe as well. We just looked at each other and said, “Riiiiight.” And then she went and got pushed off the platform and we were like, “Oh my goodness.”

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