The Transformation Was Successful

The Transformation Was Successful

Simon is now, officially, two years old. We know that he successfully navigated the difficult waters between being one and being two because on the very anniversary of his birth (which was last Friday) he:

1. Put the core of his pear in the refrigerator after being asked several times to please put it in the trash (which was one of his favorite things to do back when he was one).

2. Refused to sit by his parents on the train to and from the store.

3. Learned that the grocery cart is actually a playground. Simply slide into the bottom shelf, feet first, from the back of the cart, lie there for a bit, let your feet drag, then exit from the front of the cart and run around to the back to perform the feat again. Micah and I enjoyed very much the looks directed at our child from the other Trader Joe’s shoppers, and more especially saying almost under our breaths, “He’s two years old,” by way of explanation/apology.

So we figure now he is genuinely two and not just playing at it like he has been for the past several months. Bring it on, I say, bring it on.
We had a little birthday bash for the boy on Saturday. Micah and I stayed up until 2:30 on Friday night/Saturday morning preparing for the event, then woke up at 7:00 to complete the process. Things went off virtually without a hitch. We tossed beanbags into a subway train, played musical subway seats, and pinned the subway logo/icon on train, all of which went exactly as you might expect from the under-5 crowd. Chaos ensued and everyone, amazingly, ended up winning. Except for in the senior (over 5) beanbag toss competition in which I was the winner. Twice. If I’d known I had such beanbag tossing skills, my life would be so different.Simon loved the S-train cake, and everyone got their own cupcake with their own subway logo/icon on it (except Micah — he didn’t get an M-train cupcake because we didn’t have enough). And the kids got to take a bean bag home if they so chose. Simon seemed to have a good time, except for when somebody else was sitting in his high chair and when he thought that somebody else was drinking out of his cup (they were practically identical) and when he thought that somebody else was stealing his mama. Life can be confusing that way.
So far he loves the big legos we got him, and the Memory game. He carried his new ABC book to our friend’s house when they watched him for us on Saturday night. He loves the blue ball almost as much as he loves raisin bran (it was a tough choice at breakfast yesterday morning as to which one would get to be on his tray). And we are feeling pretty good about having a two-year-old. Mostly.

7 thoughts on “The Transformation Was Successful

  1. I’m pretty sure the two of us recently cried more than was anticipated. Finals are not meant to bring the tears that I experienced (especially when I did well on that particular one) and its sad to think that his birthday brought on tears as well. But at least he looks cute. I on the other hand looked like a frog.

  2. Happy Birthday, Simon!!! That’s so exciting, I’m glad the party went so well. I love the subway theme, what a great idea!

  3. Happy Birthday Simon! Good luck with the terrible twos. Just try to remember that someday you’ll probably miss him being two.

  4. Oh my gosh, the babe is huge! I can’t wait to see him in June! Good job on the train theme, by the way, that’s really cute.

  5. Impressive party! Last year’s Hawaiian-themed party was so fun and I’m sure this one was even better!

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