And the Winners are . . .

And the Winners are . . .

First place goes to Emoree Heiselt with her hilarious and totally cute depiction of the “Princess and the Peep.” Emoree, who turns 12 in July, will receive her own personal logo. So much for the kid’s division. Way to go, Em.

Heather Cosby was a close second with the detailed and highly realistic slide show “Peeples of the World.” Heather, a resident of Texas, will receive a hand-knitted scarf to keep her warm in those cold, cold winter months.

And third place goes to Micah and Lizzie Heiselt for their entry, “Four and Twenty Blackpeeps.” If we lived in Utah, we would have received back-flip lessons from Bryce Barrand, but we don’t so we’ll just dish ourselves up a bowl of ice cream and call it good.
We will also honorably mention “The Peep is Right” by Abby Blackhurst, Sarah Blackhurst, and Saundra Fife,
“Peepsicle” by Meg Singley and “P.E.E.P.S.” by Kareena, Richard, and Troy, all three of which had strong showings in the vote tally.
Many thanks to all who entered and all who voted. We are also grateful to those who helped us reach our goal of getting more than 10
0 voters to the polls. We hope you all enjoyed the 2nd Annual Peep Show as much as we did and that you’ll all be back next year for more Peep Show fun.

4 thoughts on “And the Winners are . . .

  1. Cameron and I were super impressed with everyone’s entries, we couldn’t pick which ones we liked best. Maybe next year we’ll be creative enough to think of our own! :0)

  2. This was really fun, once again. I have to say, though Peepsicle came from my mind, it was brought to you entirely by my husband.
    We’re excited for next year and would still love to co-sponsor a contest sometime–I’m afraid this year’s peep show was a bit overshadowed by an animation contest.

  3. Superfun! It was a tough call. Congrats to everyone! All were very creative!

    Could the scarf-winner email me an address so I can mail their prize? Thanks!

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