Things I haven’t been writing about:

Things I haven’t been writing about:

Simon’s inexplicable knowledge of the word “band-aid” and how to use it properly.

The “dog” that has been shedding blue tufts of fur since we laid it on our floor a few weeks ago. (Having a rug makes a house a home.)

My latest post on oliofolio. I’d love to hear what anybody has to say about it.

The Primary Easter Egg Hunt that Simon and I attended yesterday. Simon found nine eggs (with only a little help from me) and promptly ate all the good candy (Reese’s peanut butter cups, York patties, Rolos), leaving me and Micah the dregs. I left my camera at home. I have not yet forgiven myself.

The Peep Show deadline is fast approaching. Guess we’d better get working on ours, eh?

I’m getting antsy to get my capris out of storage and put away the jackets. I know spring has just begun. I shouldn’t get ahead of myself.

We’ve been working on several home improvement projects, including painting the door and window frames and putting the doorknobs we blegged for earlier to use.

One thought on “Things I haven’t been writing about:

  1. I wish we could’ve been there for the egg hunt, that sounds great! We’ll have to check out the Oliofolio article and get back to you.

    When is Simon’s birthday?? We remember that it’s coming up, but can’t remember the exact date…

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