A Lovely Rainy Day

A Lovely Rainy Day

It was rainy on Friday. I love the rain. It was a spring rain. We can now see green buds on some of the trees outside our windows. To celebrate, I made chicken noodle soup. From scratch. I am ridiculously pleased with myself over this accomplishment. Perhaps it was because I cut up a whole chicken with kitchen shears to make it. Or maybe it is because I was planning to make it all winter, but was always a little intimidated by the “cut up a whole chicken into 2-inch pieces” part of the instructions. Come to find out, it is really easy and it didn’t take very long to make. I now have visions of myself whipping together chicken noodle soup for my child when he is sick and cannot go to school.
The rain also made it appropriate weather to build a fort in the living room. It took some patience, but we managed to convince Simon that it is really cool to be in a fort and that he didn’t need to try to tear it down. After he got used to the idea of sitting under a sheet, we read “Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy” by Sandra Boynton by flashlight several times. And then Simon discovered how to turn the flashlight on and off and reading became less effective (not that I don’t have the book memorized) and it was more difficult to convince the child that forts are cool and we should stay in there and read stories. He’ll learn. Someday.

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  1. I went visiting teaching the other day and my visiting teachee’s little sister had just built a fort in their living room. It totally took me back to the good old days on 3rd avenue when we’d build super awesome forts. It’s been raining constantly here, and if my roommates didn’t think I was nuts I’d probably build one in our living room! Ü

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