For the past few months I’ve been working on a project. It’s a blog that is the brainchild of a few writerly friends and me. Each week we have a different topic and each weekday there will be a new post on that topic, or a discussion, or some other related feature. There will be poetry, essays, observations, journalistic endeavors, dialogues, character sketches, etc. written by the 11 contributors. And it is already shaping up to be something really cool. We’d love to have a wider audience than just the 11 of us and our significant others, so please add oliofolio.com to your feed readers and come check us out. Leave comments. Tell us what you like and don’t like. Submit a topic idea, a question, a request to write a guest post (the e-mail address is oliofolio [at] gmail [dot] com). Tell your friends, your family. Whatever.

My first post is up today. The topic: Hard Habit to Break.

3 thoughts on “oliofolio

  1. Wow Lizzie. I read you “better when” post and wanted to comment, but after reading everybody’s comments- I feel slightly intimidated and … I don’t know… like I need more time to think about what I want to write. I loved it though and look forward to visiting oliofolio often. Ü

  2. Yeah, I feel somewhat intimidated by your fellow writers, so I’m just going to leave my little comment here. I totally loved your Hard Habit to Break musing/article/thought thing. I too find myself looking too much towards what will happen and not enough on my present circumstances. When I catch myself doing that I think about the things that I’ve learned and experienced in the past few months so that I get a better understanding of how I’ve grown. This makes me learn to stop being so “destination-oriented” and more “journey-oriented.”

    I also loved how I could picture you in your room (Will’s most recent room) with the window open, notebook open, smiling to yourself. I loved it!

  3. Please don’t be to intimidated to leave comments! Yes, part of this is a writer’s workshop, but every writer likes to hear from his/her fans!! And you are my fans, right? Anything you have to say is appreciated, even if it is not a critique. Especially if it is not a critique. :)

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