Things he’s learned recently

Things he’s learned recently

Simon knows:

  • the first 21 letters of the alphabet
  • how to count to 4, starting with 2
  • that Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Ernie are pictured on his diapers (but he sometimes thinks Elmo is a frog)
  • to make up his own signs if he can’t say a word and we don’t teach him a sign (squirrel, pretzel sticks, monkey, and turtle are our favorites — especially pretzel sticks, which he thought sounded like “muscle sticks”)
  • that falling backward on the bed is more fun than just about anything else
  • how much salt to put on the popcorn
  • what sound an airplane makes when flying overhead
  • to say “bye-bye” to all of the airplanes that fly overhead, and all of the trains we see, and the “ball” on the banister at the bottom of the stairs whenever we are coming or going
  • how to dance a jig (with guidance from his dad — maybe I’ll get a video of this later)
  • that water from a real cup is soo much better than water from a water bottle (even a super cool stainless steel one)
  • that Mom and Dad’s bed is best (even if when he’s in there, he’s so excited he just can’t sleep — and neither can anyone else)
  • that Mahna Mahna is the only thing on Youtube worth watching.

4 thoughts on “Things he’s learned recently

  1. Very fun! I love Simon. My kids also LOVE Mahna Mahna –we borrowed several seasons of the Muppet Show on DVD from a friend and they watched it repeatedly!

  2. I love it! Sarah tells me that she’s looking forward to the day Simon can say her name. I have to remind myself that the little guy is not even two years old yet. How fun!

  3. it’s great getting to know a little bit more about simon here and there. he would make excellent company for ahonui because ahonui loves falling backwards on the bed too! except ahonui doesn’t think elmo is a frog, i doubt that will cause conflict.

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