"Double Time!"

"Double Time!"

My freshman year at BYU my roommates and I would occasionally pop in a Tae Bo video and kickbox with Billy Blanks for a bit. Of course, we didn’t really care to hear Billy tell us to go “double time!” or to “reach inside ourselves and grab something,” so we muted him and turned the stereo on full blast. We’d close the blinds, and, with six girls in the apartment and the occasional friend or neighbor joining in the festivities, it would sometimes get a little sweaty. Sweaty enough that some of us would shed our shirts and complete the exercises in our sports bras. Which is how a group of guys found us one evening when they stopped by to remind us of a ward activity. At the sound of the knock, some of us dove for cover, others scrambled for shirts. Somebody turned off the tv. And after they left we were breathless and slightly hysterical from the surprise.

I later found out that one of the guys told his roommates that the girls in 134 were dancing around to the Dixie Chicks in their sports bras, and somehow this seemed like a much better thing to have been caught doing than mirroring Billy Blanks and his crew. The joy and spontaneity that would have resulted in a shirtless dance party is something to be proud of, while playing “Do as I’m Doing” with blue-spandexed Billy for 24 minutes is, in my opinion, not.

I remember that incident whenever I resort to putting on my Tae Bo dvd, which I bought before I was comfortable enough with our Hawaii neighborhood to go out running on my own, before I could actually run for more than 8 minutes at a time, before I became a running snob. Now Billy and the Gang are relegated to the shelf except in extreme circumstances. Extreme being: 1. The weather is colder than 40ish degrees or extremely windy/icy/snowy/rainy (and definitely if there is a “light wintery mix” coming down). 2. It has been too cold/extreme for more than a few days. And/or 3. Simon is being a pest and won’t let me put on his socks/shoes/coat/pants and I am not in the mood to fight him over it.

When I put in the dvd, I feel a little silly. I’m all alone in my apartment (except for the small child) and I’m mimicking a bunch of people on my computer screen hoping that even as my brain rots, my body will remain fit. Pathetic. But my mind needs to think that my body has gotten some exercise or else it will blow a fuse and I’ll likely have a nervous breakdown and end up acting like my almost-two year-old, so I do it anyway. But maybe one of these days I’ll forget about the dvd, crank up the Dixie Chicks, and rock out. Double time.

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  1. Too funny! Way to rock out with Billy Blanks. Here I sit currently listening to the Dixie Chicks (Wide Open Spaces, to be specific) after just finishing a plyometric workout with Peter in the living room because I didn’t want to take the wee ones out in this rainy weather.

  2. Good old Billy Blanks. I borrowed one of his work out videos from my mom and I’ve done it plenty of times. I’ve also tried muting him and putting on some music because he is pretty annoying, but I had a hard time finding a good beat. I prefer going to a real class though, because I work out a lot harder. I guess spandex doesn’t exactly inspire me to work out hard.

  3. I don’t remember that incident. Was I there? Could you give me a journal date so I can look it up?

  4. I’m pretty sure you were there, Allison. And Heather, too. It was November 5, 2002, according to my records. :)

  5. Oh, and apparently my 18-year-old self didn’t think it was nearly as funny as my 25-year-old self does. I was terribly embarrassed at the time. Imagine that.

  6. Too funny! Hang in there, Lizzie. You know, sometimes acting silly like an energetic two year old gives you quite the workout! Crank up your favorite tunes and dance with Simon. Do it in your sportsbra if that makes you feel better. 😉

  7. i wrote you an email. i was pretty sure that heather and i were there, because we were typically the initiators, because of the gym class i had (i had to have like five 30 minute workouts a week, counting class, and sometimes it just worked out best to do it at eleven at night, with heather and billy). i love friends that were always up for a good workout. and who are you kidding, elizabeth, you love billy in that spandex and you know it! xox allison

  8. You’re right, Allison. I do love those spandex. I do. I do. I do I do I do.

    I’ll just have to keep telling myself that.

  9. Somehow I missed this post till now. I do remember that night. And Billy Blanks’ nipple peeking out of his spandex. And that guy behind him with the 70’s poofy hair and mustache (see the pic you posted Lizzie). I’ve tried several workout videos since then, but I just can’t seem to get as intense as I did to Billy in the living room of 134. But now that I read this post, I’m guessing that it wasn’t Billy, but rather sweating it out with my good friends with the adrenaline rush of knowing boys could pop in and see us at any moment.

  10. a) I love Billy
    b) Doing Tae Bo is a religious experience. Even though I wouldn’t consider myself devout, what other workout asks you to “reach for that higher power?” because basically you need the powers of Heaven to help you through the workout.
    c) I used to do this workout with the sound on and not only mimicking Billy’s moves, but also quoting his lines of inspiration and mirroring his intensity AND I would only do this when there were other people present because it pretty much tripled the calorie burnage with the constant fits of laughter.
    d) Billy Blanks is a verb in my house. Used in a sentence, “Don’t make me Billy Blanks you.” It can mean anything you want it to mean.

    Thank you, Tae Bo.

  11. Oh Billy. We were pretty awesome back then. Were we not? That was before you came an avid runner- runner snob, to quote you. We did venture over to the track across the road every once in a while though. But I sure do have good memories of 134. Ü Maybe I could convince Abby and Sarah to rock out to Billy Blanks. Somehow I doubt it…

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