More stuff Micah built

More stuff Micah built

We recently became disillusioned with our free-from-the-side-of-the-road-Craigslist desk (pictured below). It took up too much space and much of the surface was unusable (or maybe it was just too tempting to pile stacks and stacks of random papers on it). It served it’s purpose and we were ready to move on. So we built another one. It started with a look at the IKEA weekly offers. Butcher blocks, normally $25, were on sale for $5. We got 6 of them. Micah initially imagined a make-shift frame until we could find something a little bit more permanent, but as he started working on it, it turned into something permanent. We had a lot of wood scraps that he cut into legs and such and then we stained and polyurethaned them. Micah laminated the butcher blocks (5 of them) and screwed them onto the frame. The old desk is now dismantled in the hallway, and the new beauty has taken its place. Our bedroom is suddenly so much bigger and, best of all, that pesky radiator is now tucked away.

We love it. We’ll keep it. Next project: shelves. We just need some place to stack all of our random papers.

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  1. No way!! I wish I’d known about that sale. We love Butcher Block and it features big time in my ultimate kitchen plans. Sweet creation! I thought that radiator was a large project filing system at first! We also have issues with the paper piles. Filing cabinets are supposed to help. We have four. But I suppose they only help if you use them.

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