The Anti-Shopaholic

The Anti-Shopaholic

I realized recently that I don’t like to shop. For clothes. I know, I must be some sort of mutant. We have a decent sized thrift store a block away and last week was the first time I went there to look for clothes for myself. I ended up giving up about five minutes in and spent the rest of the time (until our laundry was finished at the laundromat across the street) scanning the books and trying to keep Simon from destroying the shoe shelves.

I really wish I liked to shop. I like clothes. I like new clothes (even if they’re just new to me). And I love to find a great deal. But maybe that is part of the problem. Maybe shopping is a pain because finding a good price + good fit + good style = total frustration. And maybe it is because my shopping buddy has his own agenda and whenever we go out I spend more time trying to make him happy than focusing on the task at hand. Or maybe it is because I feel like I’m rifling through someone else’s closet and they are going to come in at any moment and say, “Hey. What are you doing? You don’t belong here.” This happens no matter where I go. I feel as self conscious shopping at Gap as I do at Goodwill. I remember going in to Gap a few years ago to use the restroom and feeling like someone was going to come up to me as soon as I walked through the door and say, “Excuse me, but I can tell by your outfit today that you do not belong here. Let me show you the exit.” And then I realized that I was wearing a Gap shirt and I felt a little bit more secure.

So I rarely buy clothes. The jeans I bought over four years ago bit the dust before Christmas and I spent about 20 minutes in two stores (while Micah chased Simon) before calling it a night. Micah’s co-worker (who was giving him shopping tips for me) ended up giving me a pair of jeans that were such a good deal she couldn’t pass them up, even though they didn’t fit her very well. I really like them.

There was a time in my late teens when clothes shopping was beginning to appeal to me. I had two friends who shared the same taste in clothes and the same love of bargains and quirky t-shirts. We’d scour the local thrift store on Friday afternoons and they were kind enough to let me have some of their good finds while I was still learning the ropes. But it’s been a while since those days. They live across the country now and I’m a little rusty.

The past few months I’ve been browsing online a lot more. The clearance sections of various sites offer plenty of eye candy, but how am I to know if it actually fits? And who wants to pay for shipping anyway? Maybe I need to find me some new shopping buddies.

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  1. yeah, having ambrose with me pretty much sucks the joy out of an and all shopping trips. he is NOT patient. when he was a newborn i would try and prove that having kids didnt slow me down and that i could still get out and then i would end up sitting on a dirty dressing room floor nursing a baby for half and hour…. i guess maybe that’s why so many moms just start looking like…. moms…. if you know what i mean. i think im at that point.

  2. hey, i feel ya lizzie! it is totally frustrating to go into a store really wanting to get something cute – but ending up leaving empty handed because nothing fits or everything is just so overpriced. sooo…i found a lil’ gem online (i’m sure you’ve heard of it) at it’s a modest clothing business based in utah – and i think they’re trying to get rid of a lot of their winter clothes so i bought tons of stuff for really cheap! everything was like 70% off so i was very happy. hope you have some happy hunting too! and sorry about the novel.

  3. those were good times. here’s the trick: you should go shopping with me again. and ben. i rock the fashion while he watches the kids and then talks the sales clerk down during checkout. i’m serious. we consistently get 10-20% off even at retail stores. it’s awesome. (but we don’t shop a ton, just enough for the honest-to-goodness clothing maintenance). Allison

  4. I really don’t like shopping either, mostly because I’m super picky and I hate spending money on things that I think are overpriced, and I think most things are overpriced. I like Ross and thrift stores, but it really does take a kind of skill and patience to find some great clothes, which can be especially hard if you have a kid. Once, my sister Rebekah asked me to go shopping with her and I pretty much just ended up babysitting her daughter, because she was running around everywhere. It takes a team effort.

  5. This is why “girls’ night out” was invented, in my opinion. The only time I enjoy shopping is when the kids are happily at home with Dad while I take a friend along to tell me what looks good on me. :) For the record, Lizzie, I think you have a great style!

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