Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it was 15 degrees out today.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it was 15 degrees out today.

It’s been a busy week. Shopping Monday. Playgroup Tuesday. Errands Wednesday. Institute (religious education class) today. Simon and I have been going out in the morning and then he drops down for a nap as soon as we get home. When he wakes up, it’s time to make dinner or go out again. In the mornings he tends to play by himself (this week he’s been “washing the dishes” while I get ready. And then I get him ready. Which means, to put it mildly, weeping and wailing and gnashing of all 12 (going on 13!) teeth. It seems that our interactions this week have mostly driven him to tears and me to the end of my rope. Tonight I rushed him off to bed because Micah was at a meeting and there were still clothes to fold and dishes to do and I couldn’t stand the thought of messy counters for another few minutes. Or of Simon trying to “help.”

He’s been in bed for several hours now and I kind of miss him. I’m tempted to sneak into his room and pick him up and take him back to bed with me, if only so I can savor a few minutes when he’s not in my arms because I’m trying to wrestle him into his coat or stuff his feet in his shoes while he demonstrates his lung capacity for all the neighbors to hear. But I’m pretty sure that would end poorly for all of us. I think we both need a little space these days.

4 thoughts on “Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it was 15 degrees out today.

  1. ah, our parallel lives in different climates.

    we should do a blog together and write a daily log of activities and it would probably be the same exact thing. it would be boring after the first two days- but oh those first two days- they would freak all of our readers (our mothers, us, our husbands and diana palmer) out!

  2. Boy you guys sound busy! Sounds like you need a veg out day where there are no plans other than what you and Simon feel like doing in that moment.

  3. just try to freak me out! really, i’d love to read all about it.

    we all need breaks. i just requested from martin a 15 minute break from the babes, as they’ve been spraying snot and running 100+ fevers, and crying endless tears for about 4 days now.

    and here i sit in my bedroom, all alone for a few sick free moments.

  4. Wow, sounds like things have been pretty crazy. I hope he’s feeling a bit calmer now, and I hope you were able to get a bit of rest.

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