12 thoughts on “We hope we amuse you half as much as we amuse ourselves.

  1. The editing is all Micah’s genius. I had big ideas but not the skills to execute them.

    Radical Bad, I’m glad you liked it. We try to be random every now and then. If that’s even possible. :)

  2. First of all, that was hilarious. Second, that’s one of our favorite songs. And third, when it was almost over, Samuel laid down on the ground with his leg up, waiting for Cameron to spin him, too!! Fun times all around. :0)

  3. mission VERY MUCH accomplished! i think i’m just as amused as you guys because i was cracking up during the entire video! love it!

  4. That is so awesome! it was well worth the wait Lizzie. I so look forward to whatever fun and crazy things you two- or three- come up with. Ü

  5. I am totally amused! That was great! I am sitting here, by myself, laughing out loud.. really loud! What an adorable stunt man! That was seriously so funny. I just can’t get over it! But I’ll stop, so this isn’t the longest comment on earth!

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