"I’ll take ‘Fictional Characters’ for $400, please, Alex."

"I’ll take ‘Fictional Characters’ for $400, please, Alex."

“The answer there is, This mouse, created by Lucy Cousins, is the favorite of young Simon Heiselt.”
“Yes, Lizzie?”
Who is Maisy? Or, as Simon would say, “Maimy?”
“That is correct. You are now in the lead with $9500.”

(I wish.)

And aside from Simon having found the love of his life behind door number one (which he knocks on every time, just like it says to), he has also learned to put stickers on things. If you couldn’t tell that I’m a mom by the fact that I generally have a 25 pound child strapped to me whenever I leave the house, maybe the 20 gazillion stickers all over my shirt give it away.

6 thoughts on “"I’ll take ‘Fictional Characters’ for $400, please, Alex."

  1. He knocks? That’s funny.

    Oh yes, the stickers. I remember that…I would sometimes forget and wash his clothes (that were covered as well)–like the worst thing to do, ever.

  2. I love your sticker shirt. Peter is really into stickers lately too. Our vacuum cleaner was his latest sticker project just yesterday.

  3. That is hilarious! Sounds like Simon’s expanding his vocabulary every day! Maimy huh. You’ll have to keep that book around to remind him of it when he’s all grown up! So cute! Ü

  4. We checked out a Maizy book from the library a while ago and I liked it a lot. It was a good kid’s book.

    Awesome stickers, they really go well with your shirt. :0)

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