As I’m sure you all know, the new season of LOST starts tomorrow. In less than 24 hours! We’ve been looking forward to it for quite some time now. In preparation of the new season, we started reading Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens. For the uninitiated (I assume there are still a few of you out there), Our Mutual Friend is the book Desmond keeps with him. He says he wants it to be the last words he reads because he has read every other word Mr. Dickens has written. We knew pretty much nothing about the book when we started, aside from the fact that it was written by Charles Dickens and it has been referenced many times on the show. So aside from being (we assume) a great piece of literature (isn’t everything by Mr. Dickens a masterpiece?), we’re hoping to find some clue to why it is so important to Desmond and whether or not there are some clues about what is going to happen before the series ends (although it pains me to think that there will be an end).

Right now we are 6 chapters in. Page 55 of 739. There is no way in heck we’re going to finish before the season starts (not that we expected to, we just started it two weeks ago), and it would probably take a small miracle for us to finish before the end of the season (which, I believe, is the end of May). If we’re lucky, we’ll have it read before season 6 starts. Anybody care to race us?

Just fyi, the only other book that has been featured on LOST that we’ve read is Watership Down which is an excellent piece of literature that I would read again in a heartbeat.

And also, I’ve read that in the first few episodes Hurley nukes, but does not eat, a Hot Pocket. Sounds sketchy.

3 thoughts on “LOST Prep

  1. all you crazy LOST people!;)

    I’m glad you enjoy it! We haven’t ever even tried to get into it, we would just have so so so much catching up to do.

    happy watching tomorrow!

  2. Maybe it’s best if you wait until it’s all out on DVD and then you can watch it all at once. I assume we’ll end up doing that some day.

  3. So funny! I’m glad to know it’s not already over. We have back-issues to watch, so I’ll probably have to skip out on much of the discussion, but I’m totally up for reading a good Dickens novel. Watership Down has been one of my personal favorites since 4th grade, so I have every confidence that it will be equally enjoyable, and relevant. Thanks for the challenge!

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