Wannabe Family Portrait

Wannabe Family Portrait

We’re considering something like this for our next family portrait:
In our picture, I probably won’t be holding a cigarette because I don’t smoke and I’ll probably wear sleeves and maybe a bra. But you probably wouldn’t be able to tell either way because I’m just not that gifted. We might include Simon, but only if he lets me dress him in what I want him to wear for the picture, which means that he’ll probably be wearing his pajamas and standing just outside the lens’s scope. Screaming. With his hair in his “Mad Scientist” ‘do. And that in itself would make a lovely portrait, I’m sure.

Of course by the time we can afford such a family portrait Simon will probably be learning to drive a car and will be way too cool to be seen with his folks and there will probably be so many other little Micahs and Lizzies that it will be too much of a hassle to get a portrait done at all. So maybe I’ll just have Micah photoshop our faces into this one.

More photos by Kalle Gustafsson here.

3 thoughts on “Wannabe Family Portrait

  1. i think that this portrait will do! honestly, what could be better? except for maybe what you described with simon standing on the side screaming- that sounds pretty awesome too. in fact, that sounds a little too familiar for me.

  2. That picture is awesome. It reminds me of when my family went to get pictures taken and they had all of these funny props and backdrops. We took all of these serious pictures in front of a bookcase. It was funny.

  3. Too funny! I thought it was interesting that most of her “portraits” looked like they should have been in the “fashion” category. Interesting effects though… Yeah, we haven’t had family pics in way too long. But I’m so sick of standard photo studio pics. I have an acquaintance who is excellent (check out jnealphotography.com) and would give us beautiful, meaningful photos, but I’m not used to putting enough emphasis on saving up for that kind of an event. And who knows if my kids (all 4) will just happen to all magically be in a good mood for the day, or we’ll be out a hefty sitting fee for nothin’. My faves are still from when Adrian came and did a shoot in our backyard.

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