Party On!

Party On!

Christmas, anniversary, wedding, New Years. It’s been one big lovefest since I last wrote. Pretty much anyway. It’s also been one big sugarfest. I can’t wait to get home and to get on some sort of normal eating/playing/working/sleeping schedule. But it’s been great to be with family and to have something new to celebrate practically every other day. Micah and I have now been married for 4 years, and I am no longer the only one of my 12 siblings to have tied the knot. My eldest brother, Will (who had a stroke 11 months ago), was married on the 30th. Theirs is a great little love story with more than its share of drama and trauma, including a scare on Tuesday morning that the wedding would not be happening that day because the marriage license and temple recommends were almost lost. (Summer’s brother found them in the parking lot, but didn’t realize what it was until he had run over it with his car several times.)

And now it is 2009 in some parts of the United States (not here yet) and we are getting ready to spend the first day of our new year in the sky again. The new year holds a lot of potential for us as I try to get my writing going more seriously and we move on from our frantic year and a half of school and moving and such. We hope to get a little bit more settled in our apartment and neighborhood and life in general, whatever that means.

I have big plans to post some pictures from all of our festivities, but we kind of let everybody else take pictures and we are dependent on their generosity to get some to share. And I’m too lazy right now to go chasing after them.

4 thoughts on “Party On!

  1. Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year and that’s so exciting that Will got married! Sounds like a busy week.

  2. That was so fun having you guys here! I’ll be emailing you with more questions and wedding advice! Jon and I looked at announcements (from friends over the years) for a good two hours Saturday night hoping to get some good ideas. Not surprisingly we like yours the best. Ü We like the card idea lots and lots… but we’ll be emailing you some of our ideas soon. How fun!

  3. It was SO great to see you guys… I only wish we’d seen more of you! Sadly, we were just not on photographer mode, and I pretty much forgot my camera existed much of the time. I can forward on what few pix we did get, though none of them have sweet simon in them! :(

  4. Wow, I almost had a heart attack just reading about the marriage license and temple recommends being driven over!! I’m glad he eventually realized what they were and everything went okay.

    I can’t wait to see pictures once you get a chance, Happy Anniversary and New Year!!

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