We can’t say NYU never gave us anything.

We can’t say NYU never gave us anything.

I sold some of my textbooks back to the NYU bookstore today. I didn’t make a killing off the books or anything, but I did get a little something extra with my refund. The bookstore gives you a scratch-n-win card when you sell your books back, and the grand prize is a $250 gift certificate to the bookstore. Last time I got a “10% off select items” card, which wasn’t really useful so I didn’t use it. Go figure. But this time my card said “Winner! Prize A.” I looked on the back and it said to consult the prize list, so I was looking for the prize list when a friend of mine from my first semester (who happened to be working behind the register checking in the returned books) followed me and asked me what my card said. I showed him and he said “Prize A” was the grand prize. And suddenly Christmas in the Heiselt home was uncancelled. I picked up my gift card and called Micah. We have big plans to blow someone else’s money at the bookstore this weekend.

It would be fun to think that I was just lucky like that, but I have a sneaking suspicion the girl who gave me the card knew what it was. I don’t know how she would know, but it just seemed like she wanted to make sure I scratched it off before I left the store and she was cooing over Simon as I signed my receipt and telling the other cashier that she was a sucker for babies or something like that. And then my friend followed me to make sure I didn’t throw it away and that knew where to claim my prize. So my theory is that Simon worked his magic and got us a little extra Christmas cheer. He’s a nice good-luck charm to have around.

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  1. Aha! We just looked on the bookstore site and sure enough, there is only one winner a day. They had to know they were giving it to me. Big Green Eyes strikes again! Or maybe it was the unshowered, make-up free, baby-wearing, frazzled-mama-look that won them over. I’ll take it either way.

  2. Rock on!! Hey, my sister-in-laws seem to be having all kinds of good luck… maybe I oughtta go play LOTTO or something…Congrats guys!!

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