Our Christmas Tree

Our Christmas Tree

Simon loves this year’s tree. Every time he wakes up or we walk in the door from being out, he requests that it be plugged in and we are happy to oblige because we rather like it too. The tree is one of the ways we realized that he knew the word “awesome.” It cost us nothing, we don’t need to dispose of it before we go out of town, we don’t have to remember to water it, but it brings in that special Christmas glow. We do miss the pine tree smell, so we may end up getting a pine scented candle or something. We don’t plan to make a habit of having a faux tree (or no tree), but this arrangement is working well for us this year.

9 thoughts on “Our Christmas Tree

  1. smart idea! we have three little fake ones (like really little) and it’s working well so far. i think next year will be time for the real thing for once!

    i love that he says awesome! im gonna coach ambrose all day so he can be like simon. :)

  2. That tree is one of the very coolest I’ve ever seen. But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised-you guys manage to make everything you do a little extra awesome. (Nod to Simon for the excellent vocab.)

  3. That’s a great idea. I should show it to a girl I work with who couldn’t afford a tree. We just have a fake tree this year. It doesn’t smell good either, so maybe we’ll buy some candles this year.

  4. You guys are the most creative people I have met in my whole entire life! More so than myself… haha!

  5. How is it attached to the wall? Nails? Push-pins? And when are you going to put up a video of Simon saying ‘awesome’?!

  6. We thought about using nails and pushpins, but decided on just using the magic of Christmas cheer. Magic is awesome.

  7. LOVE IT! our landlord would kick us out if we changed our BLAH apartment in any way – including pushpins, nails, painting, etc. =( can’t wait for a house of our own.

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