7 thoughts on “By the end of the day

  1. oh this was fabulous. i laughed and cried too :)

    for me: i want two things to magically happen simultaneously- i can get my mountain of work done and ambrose still has a good and meanginful day.

  2. Oh, Stephanie, I’m right there with you, only five time zones and several thousand miles apart. Trying to write my stories and play with Simon just isn’t working so well today . . . but I can’t choose, I’ve got to do both.

  3. I love that they put out a meaningful video that would be relatively cheap to produce. Just don’t see enough of that these days.

  4. reminds me of this french doc from the 1960s where they asked a bunch of people what it means to be happy. thanks for sharing this lovely film.
    by the end of today, i hope to have more photos of both kids and video of grey walking. i feel like such a slacker in recording the kids’ lives lately.

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