"Oh Fish in the sea! Come listen to me!"

"Oh Fish in the sea! Come listen to me!"

Long ago on the shore of a deep blue sea lived a man and his wife. They lived in a nice little house and the man designed stuff for a living. One day the wife said, “Husband, I want to get off this island. Let’s go live in the big city so I can go to school.” The man loved the little island and was sad to go, but thought it was for the best. The couple and their young son flew over the ocean and across a continent and moved into a little tiny apartment in a very big city. They settled in and were happy.

Soon the young son began to grow bigger. He was noisy and the couple could not sleep at night because he was so close to them. The wife said, “Husband, I want to get out of this apartment. It is too small. I want a bigger one.” So the couple looked and looked for a new place to live. They rode trains all over the city to look at more tiny apartments. Finally, they found one with big kitchen, a big living room, and, best of all, a little room for their son. The couple packed up their belongings and moved into their new home. They painted the walls and were happy.

Before long the couple realized that their new home felt empty and cold with just their few belongings. The wife said, “Husband we cannot move again. We must work very hard to make this place our home. This is what we need . . .


  • new bath mat
  • new shower curtain
  • additional storage unit
  • fix toilet
  • window curtain

Living Room:

  • new couch
  • chair
  • another book case
  • rug
  • build a charging station (for cell phones, camera, etc.)
  • coat hooks
  • hang pictures


  • new desk
  • rocking chair
  • finish painting baseboards
  • shelves in closet
  • organizational system (for under bed and on top of closet
  • alarm clock
  • shelves in the nook
  • paint door
  • hang pictures
  • window curtains
  • Shelves
  • more storage
  • better work surface
  • new light fixture
  • microwave
  • mount router and modem
  • trash/recycling organization
  • new cabinet handles
  • paint cabinets
  • white board

Simon’s room:

  • food storage shelves in closet
  • clothes organization
  • hang pictures

. . . and then we can truly be happy.”

5 thoughts on “"Oh Fish in the sea! Come listen to me!"

  1. This story reminds me of “the giving tree.” I know the feeling of wanting everything to have a place so that your place feels like home. Good luck with your list.

  2. I love the narration, very fun to read. Good luck getting all of that stuff, I’m sure you will sooner than you think.

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