One Month

One Month

My last day of class is Dec. 10. Yesterday I turned in my last major writing assignment aside from final projects. On Monday I took the only mid-term test of my grad school career. I’m feeling good. I’m feeling like I am going to make it. It has been harder than I thought it would be on some days and in some ways, but things have always turned out better than I expected.

This morning I was talking with some friends and I realized that starting next month I can make plans without worrying and wondering how I’m going to fit them around my classes, my homework, or Micah’s schedule. I can just do things. Simon and I can go the library, the park, the store on a whim, without having to hurry because I need to be back to get ready for class. Micah and I will have every evening to spend together. We won’t say our hellos and goodbyes of the day as we swap Simon on the train platform. We can spend our time helping others rather than always being the people who need help.

I know I still have a few weeks left, a few assignments to do, a lot of books/articles/texts to read, but I feel so free already.

8 thoughts on “One Month

  1. that is so great and so enviable! i wish i were saying the same instead of thinking, maybe someday i’ll do what lizzie did- but i couldnt be happier for you! what a long road and look how much you’ve done already! so inspirational to me.

  2. wow, that’s awesome lizzie! you are truly a role model for the rest of us…masters from NYU!! plans for the future?

  3. SUCH a good feeling! I’m so excited for you, Lizzie. I often remind myself, when Conan will be home late or has meetings that take him away from us for the night, that used to be every day! Now at least that’s an aberration to our normal life. It was actually pretty common for Conan to be gone from 6 or 7am and not come home until 10pm. That almost NEVER happens anymore! It IS wonderful to be free!

  4. lizzie, i am just so happy for you. i feel proud, as if i had anything to do with it. this whole journey seemed sooo challenging. i can’t wait for you and micah to have some more time together (simon too), and am so excited to watch your writing career grow. well done friend. you are amazing.

  5. It’s so exciting to think about being done, even though I still have a few things left to do.

    Harm, I’m planning to freelance and slowly develop my career as I raise Simon and any other kids we have. I feel like there are so many avenues this could go down, but I have no idea which one I’m going to take, or where it will eventually lead.

    I also want to say that I really appreciate the encouragement. It helps to know that there are people out there that are happy and excited that I’m doing this. Especially when I know you all are doing hard things with small children hanging on your legs and riding on your hips as well. There is strength in numbers.

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