Simon the Fish

Simon the Fish

Sorry this is a bit late, but, as can be seen in our last post, Simon really likes to play with our camera. The moment he hears it turn on he runs straight for it and ruins any shot we were about to take. Due to this and poor lighting, we didn’t get any good pictures of his costume during the Halloween festivities. Luckily for us, however, today was a beautiful day for a photo shoot and his costume still fit. So, without further delay, here is what we did with all of our free time proceeding the 31st.In case you were wondering, we made it out of an old moving blanket which we dyed (for the darker fins and eyes) and cut up. The felt was great because it didn’t require any hemming and gave it a nice, almost japanese paperish look. We then used some pajamas from Goodwill as the “frame” which we sewed everything onto. It turned out pretty well. The only problem was that the hood wouldn’t stay up, but it almost looked better down, anyway.

16 thoughts on “Simon the Fish

  1. Simon is the cutest fish I have ever seen in my entire life. I must say it is really creative. Simon is just too cute.

  2. i bow down before you. seriously.

    you guys MADE THAT?!?!

    i shouldnt be surprised, but come on people. could you guys be any more creative, fresh, hip and/or cool?

    i didnt think so. move over french chef, for reals.

  3. I love that you made that! and I love just as much that you made it out of a blanket! Before you said what you made it out of, I was like “I bet all that wool felt was EXPENSIVE” But then you made it out of an old blanket! the best costume of the year and also so affordable!!

    I’m not surprised, you are the craftiest duo I know.

  4. Let’s be honest here. I did nothing. Credit goes 100% to Micah. He designed it, gathered the materials (well, I found the pajamas at Goodwill), cut up the blanket, dyed the fabric, and sewed it all together.

    He has more craftiness in his little finger than I have in my entire body. :)

  5. I am totally in awe of this costume. Micah has way too much talent for it to be fair to the rest of us. Simon is totally cute and the costume rocks. Thanks Micah for giving the rest of us a complex… :-)

  6. I agree with Danielle. You give the rest of us a complex, Micah. Especially those of us who are lame at thinking up Halloween costumes—I stitched a jack-o-lantern face on an orange sweatshirt and called it good for Clark. :) Just remind my kids never to go trick-or-treating with yours! :) Just kidding, I think this is awesome.

  7. two things:

    1.Holy Awesome of all holies (i love you simon and your cute face and your amazing fish hood!)

    2. please ship costume immediately to me immediately to use in endless amount of photographs. i’ll credit you and keep it in good, okay, decent, condition.

  8. I would very much like to see what you would do with the little fish, Diana. Hmmm . . . if only we’d made two of them, I would ship one of them today. (and when i say “we” I mean “micah.) Sigh.

  9. Oh my goodness. If I don’t have the cutest nephew in the world, I don’t know who does. Awesome work guys, he is adorable!

  10. As if I need to say it, because it has been said 14 times already, but that is way adorable!! Very impressive. AND, Simon is the cutest. Those pictures are some that you should enlarge way huge, and hang up somewhere. Especially that last one. Cute, cute, cute!!!

  11. Sorry, I haven’t been visiting here in a long time… but just can’t help to say the fish costume is AMAZing! I love fish!

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