Portrait of the Artist as a Young Child

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Child

A Gallery Showing

The Hint of Red Pajamas

Red, Black, White

Kitchen Floor No. 1

Kitchen Floor No. 2

Spinning in the Kitchen

When Dad Comes Home

My Mother is Crazy No. 1

About the Artisit: Simon Heiselt is a child living in Brooklyn, New York. He enjoys buttons, bananas, scribbling, peanut butter and jam sandwiches, and dogs. His favorite words are “uh-oh,” “go,” and “shoe.” He is currently going through his “naturale” phase. He likes to experiment with photography, computers, and helping his mother with her homework (which may have contributed to her above-mentioned condition). He has an eye for anything related to the New York City Subway and an ear for airplanes and dogs. He likes his dad best and asks where he is all day everyday.

5 thoughts on “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Child

  1. Wow. I would love to know the thought process behind A) all of the photos, and B) the post in its entirety. And of course, Simon as usual is looking as photogenic as they come. Or stoned. You tell me.

  2. what a great post idea! ambrose and simon have so much in common, it really is a pity they cant play on a daily basis… or ever for that matter… perhaps someday.

  3. no really…i found more than 20 similar pictures of ahonui’s leg on my phone…then about 50 more of our ceiling fan and finally at least 30 more of the floor. niiiiiice.

  4. Those are quite amazing works of art, good job Simon! And his portraits of you and Micah are very flattering, too. I think he could be the next Picasso!

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