We (check) Voted

We (check) Voted

But we didn’t get stickers, even though we got up early to do it and had to take the train to our old neighborhood because we didn’t change our address on our voter registration and then we stood in line (for not nearly as long as some of you) and got cut in front of twice by women who insisted they had been there before (riiiight) and then we were faced with the most archaic voting contraption known to man and when we stepped out of the booth we breathed sighs of relief that it didn’t turn to dust when we pulled the lever. And that we are one step closer to ending this interminable election cycle.

It was the first time I’ve voted for President because 4 years ago I had some sort of issue with getting to the correct polling location and I was a crazy engaged girl with all sorts of time-management issues and emotional crises to deal with. I think I probably cried that I didn’t get to vote that year.

Not this time. This time I was practically crying that I did have to go vote. Okay, I didn’t really cry about it, but I will say that trying to decide which evil to endorse was pretty painful for us at the Heiselt home. I’m glad we made the effort to make our voices heard and do our civic duty and whyever else we’re supposed to vote. However, I’m skeptical that our voices were actually heard because the ladies who cut in line didn’t hear us say, “Excuse me,” and the ladies who were monitoring our booth didn’t hear us when we said we were Independent voters and decided we were Democrats even though we both clearly enunciated the word “Independent.” I kind of think the only thing anybody heard from our family when we went to the polls were the many “Uh-ohs” Simon said throughout the morning. Which I think expresses my feelings about this election quite well, actually.

3 thoughts on “We (check) Voted

  1. I’m saying a big uh-oh, too. Oh well. Good job voting! I’m still registered in WA so I just had to go to the post office on Monday. Once Cameron gets a residency, I’ll have to change that.

  2. Thank you for voting. I took Shae with me to vote in the morning. SHe was late to school but got a great lesson is civics — “why do you vote for him dad?”
    We did not get stickers.

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