15 Minutes of eFame

15 Minutes of eFame

So, I just got an email from my friend and classmate Rachel, who runs Black Eiffel and has been indulgent enough to let me be a guest blogger this week. Apparently my toy box has been picked up by another blog. This is getting fun and also a bit trippy.

6 thoughts on “15 Minutes of eFame

  1. It must be that you’re coming of age… you know, now that you’re 30! 😉

    Fun stuff! Did the other site ask your permission, or just snag it?

    And, I have to ask, that adorable little girl in your Halloween post at Black Eiffel has got to be your beautiful wife… isn’t it?

  2. That is indeed little old me on the top of the Halloween post. He did that secretively so it was a surprise. I guess I got him back by posting his birthday picture which Rachel then posted on Black Eiffel. Hahaha.

  3. Micah! You are awesome! I just checked out Black Eiffel. Sometimes I wonder how fair it is that two such creative people get to be together! But I LOVE it!

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